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Fruit Kabobs

Choose lots of different fruits or only three or four from the suggestions below to make a delicious treat! These colorful kabobs will brighten up any brown bag lunch or party tray!

Yield: varies



Holding one end of a skewer, pierce a piece of fruit and slide it towards your hand leaving enough room to grab and hold onto the skewer. Continue threading skewers with fruit of alternating colors for a vibrant look until you have achieved the desired number of servings.

Display on a serving tray and refrigerate or serve immediately.

If you choose to use straws, pinch one end and push it through a piece of fruit. Slide the fruit to the opposite end of the straw leaving a little bit of straw to hold onto. Continue threading alternating fruits onto the straw for a colorful rainbow affect.

For a brown bag snack, individually wrap each kabob with plastic wrap and refrigerate or pack into a lunch bag with an ice pack to keep cool.

Please note that some ingredients and brands may not be available in every store.

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